Monday, April 4, 2016

England team 2016 interview

Day 10

"During my England trip, I met many awesome people. My favorite part of the trip is the Hill House retreat, which I had the privilege to talk to some of the teens really deeply. I love Hill House."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

England team 2016 London tour

Last Day

- Although we had only one day to tour London, we went to almost all the places we planned to go; we went to about 9 different tour spots such as Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower of London, and Leicester City square. Because we were on a tight schedule, we walked almost nonstop, only resting in "Tubes." However, it was incredible to see all those different statues and antique building with incredible history.

England team 2016 interview

Day 10

- Returning back to England and meeting old and new friends was something very special for me. Going back to Hill House brought up many fun and memorable memories. However, this Hill House retreat was extraordinary; as seniors, Eric and I had to lead a “breakout group” which was a smaller group of teens meeting separately, apart from regular activities and worship. Guiding the questions and having to actually prepare myself first for the questions frustrated me at first; however, as days went on, and as the teens in our group started responding to our questions with sincerity, I came to realize that God had planned everything out for me. Throughout the entire trip, from Enderby Mission Church to London, I witnessed God really work in my life, and understood that my life was in God’s hand. Especially at Hill House, I had a deep, genuine conversation with a teen who had been Hill House before and hadn’t accepted the Lord yet. While others participated in an activity, the teen and I went to a quiet place and just talked about each other’s life. I questioned about his faith background and just listen to what he had to say to me. Simply sitting down with a teen and listening to their story is an incredible remedy for scars he or she might have in their life. The teen had not fully converted to Christian yet, but he is starting to evaluate more deeply about the world and God’s creation. I mentioned to him about basic concepts of Christianity and the Crucifixion. I did not force him to become Christian, but just encouraged him to think about how great God’s mercy and love is for him, and that Jesus was willing to die for him and his family. On the last day of the Hill House, he thanked me for just sitting down with him and listening to his story. From this England trip, I realized how simple it was to listen to what other people had to offer, and just listen to their hardships and joyful moments in their lives. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

England team 2016 Hill House wraping up

Day 7-9
-Hill House-

The leaders met regularly to make sure everything went smoothly and safely
Playing football provided conversation topics through which we communicated with the teens

The activity "Vaseline T shirt" had the teens into two groups of color, and throw their color of cotton balls at Joel and Cameron with vaseline shirts. Through this activity, the teens could visually see how much they are affected by the things around them, such as money, friends, or clothes.

Playing couple more rounds of Chicken on the Hen House allowed sharing stories in breakout groups a lot more comfortable
"Clump" broke the ice by allowing everyone to meet other people randomly
On the last day of the Hill House, we took photos of each other, and saying farewell to everyone.  

Every morning and night worship led us closer to God

Along with the teens, we also each made a bandana for each of the groups which are to be posted on Enderby Mission Church

- Whilst playing games and joining into the different activities with the teens, we were able to have deep conversations that dealt with from sharing their life problems to their walk in Christ. Many teens also talked to the adults as well, gaining a deeper understanding of what Christianity is.

England team 2016 interview

Day 9

"My favorite part of our mission's trip so far, was having the opportunity to lead a small group of young men after our regular sessions. In our "breakout groups," we had guided questions that challenged and encouraged the teens' faith in Christ. It was a great privilege to see the impact of the sermons and worship permeate throughout the answers for the questions we asked them during our breakout groups. It also gave us the opportunity to help them when they're confused or conflicted with a question or concept of Christianity."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

England team 2016 interview

Day 8

- "Being in England had been an amazing experience. Being the only sophomore here, it's been a little harder for me to be on my own (just in the fact that everyone else has friends in their grade here), but I think that for me, it's been a good thing. I've been put outside of my comfort zone and have had to make friends with people here and honestly that's been one of the best things for me. When we got our phones back to call home yesterday, I wanted to stay here and talk to  people at home, but I felt God pushing me to do something I would not really do at home- go watch the football (soccer) game that most of the Hill House kids were going to. Another girl, Rachel, ended up going to watch, and so we sat in the grass together. Can't forget that this is England, so of course it started raining in the middle of the game. This caused Rachel and I to huddle under my umbrella, and we started talking and laughing together, and it felt great for me because if I hadn't gone, I would have been bored and lonely just sitting in my room. I know that this might not seem like something big or important, but to me it just goes to show what listening to God can do for you."